Hey Girls- March 8th we will be meeting at Portland RoadRunner Sports-29 N.W. 23rd Place at 8:30 a.m.  SEE YOU THERE!

5k Run/Walk Clinic for the New Portland Road Runner Sports store will be rescheduled.TBD


Kick-Off for Half Marathon Clinic is March 1st! This is a 12 week program--SOOO FUN-- click on tab above for all the deets!  .......we will start with a 3 mile run--You only need to be able to run 3 miles to join this clinic! You might ask "Why, Why would I do this?" Because RUNNING WITH GIRLFRIENDS IS MORE FUN!!!

Kick-Off for 10k Clinic is March 1st! This is a 6 week program that will train with the half marathon girls. Click on the tab above for details!


Runner Chick Adventures- is for all levels of fitness, run,walk,hop, skip, whatever you want! Come and have a blast on a Runner Chick Adventure. You will create memories to last a lifetime. So grab your girlfriends and come along.

Because running with girlfriends is always more fun!


Favorite Running sites
www.Energy Events.com